Jazz, Blues, and Improvisation – the Changing Rhythms of Ethical Clinical Research

Last modified: June 26, 2020
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Christine Grady, PhD, Chief of the Department of Bioethics at the NIH Clinical Center, delivered a thought-provoking keynote address at the OHRP RCF in September 2017 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The co-hosts of the RCF, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Schulman IRB, University of Cincinnati, University of Kentucky Office of Research Integrity, Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Medical Center, the UK Center for Clinical and Translational Science, and the Center for Clinical & Translational Science & Training, posted this recording of Dr. Grady’s presentation for public education purposes.

Dr. Grady’s presentation explores the challenges of respecting the rights and welfare of research participants in a broad range of research including secondary research with data and biospecimens, and clinical trials studying usual care. Her discussion focuses on the role of the research team and their interactions with the IRB.

OHRP RCF Cincinnati 2017; Christine Grady;
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