Budget Review, Development and Negotiations

Budget Review, Development and Negotiations 

All research protocols that will be conducted at UAMS Medical Center or use clinical services will need to be reviewed by the Research Finance Team to determine whether a budget needs to be created in the CLinicAl Research Administrator (CLARA), a web-based portal for submission, review, approval and tracking of human subjects research. This review can occur prior to or following submission to CLARA. Examples of procedures conducted for research purposes that may require construction of a CLARA budget that includes clinic visits, radiological services, clinical laboratory tests, pharmacy services and some hospital supplies. The Research Finance Team helps investigators with their research budget needs by providing the following services:

  • Determining whether a research study requires submission of a CLARA budget
  • Providing training on navigating through the budget section of CLARA
  • Providing budget development services or assisting with development of budgets for studies that include clinical services
  • Reviewing budgets to check for correct test and procedures, CPT codes, upfront non-refundable costs, invoiceable items, and determining that it is a correct and accurate budget matrix
  • Negotiating budgets on behalf of the PI or assisting with negotiating budgets for industry sponsored clinical trials
  • Obtaining patient care expenses for federally funded grant applications and preparing abbreviated CLARA submissions to guarantee pricing throughout the award period
  • Consultation for any other research budget needs

For studies utilizing coordinator services in the Clinical Trials Innovation Unit (CTIU), the Research Finance Team will:

  • Provide research billing reviews so that claims can be adequately processed.
  • Assist department budget managers working to invoice sponsors for work performed on the research study.

Program Leadership

Cynthia Spinks