Mock Study Sections

The Translational Research Institute (TRI) offers a Mock Study Section Grant Review for new investigators seeking review of grant application proposals to extramural funding sources. The review process simulates an NIH study section and hence provides an insight into the study section review process. The study section simulation is followed by a face-to-face discussion with reviewers.

For more senior investigators, the TRI offers a Grant Review instead of the Mock Study Section review. Standard Grant Review also includes a face-to-face discussion with reviewers.

For both formats, tailored multidisciplinary feedback is provided at specific points in the development of a funding application. Reviewers from experienced faculty are sought out to review research projects involving laboratory projects, animal projects, and human subjects research as well as a combination of these areas. Mock Study Section/Grant Review may be requested for any grant application for external mural funding (e.g., NIH, CDC, USDA, AHA, various foundations, etc.). Assistance with either new applications or resubmissions are eligible.

Investigators requesting a Mock Study Section or Grant Review should submit a request through the TRI portal. All materials must be received by TRI at least 4 weeks prior to the final submission deadline in order to allow time for recruiting reviewers and for their review of the application.

Required materials include the following:

  • Well thought out and edited draft proposal
  • Draft budget
  • Biosketch of primary investigator (Biosketches for collaborators should be included if available)
  • If requesting review of a resubmission, a summary statement from previous reviews must be included along with a draft Introduction (rebuttal/revision) page in order for the applicant to receive the most relevant criticism for the Mock Study Section/Grant Review.

Mock Study Sections are intended to be learning experiences. Investigators should plan to be present for either type of review requested. Collaborators, research associates, postdocs, mentors, and fellows working on the project or closely related areas are also welcome to attend.

In order for us to gage effectiveness of this service, participating investigators will be expected to provide TRI with follow-up information on grant submission outcomes, scores, and finding awards. Likewise, this information is needed for future TRI competitive renewals in order for the NCATS to gauge effectiveness of this service.

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TRI Mock Study Section

TRI Mock Study Section

Program Leadership

Paul Drew
Paul Drew, Ph.D.
Co-Director Mock Study Sections
Dr Mock
Donald Mock, MD, PhD
Director of Pilot Program; Co-Director of Mock Study Sections
Sandra Hatley
Sandra Hatley, MHA
Program Manager- ARresearch, Other Programs/Special Events