Research Participant Recruitment

The Translational Research Institute (TRI) can help guide researchers on a range of participant recruitment strategies. This assistance includes accessing volunteer participant registries (, etc.), identifying cohorts through electronic health records, consulting about communication techniques/modes, and discussing strategies for recruiting underrepresented populations. We strongly encourage researchers to contact TRI about their recruitment needs prior to IRB submission. Please use our service portal at the Request Services button on this page.

Components of TRI’s centralized recruitment services include:

  • volunteer participant registry
  • Arkansas Children’s Research Institute’s (ACRI) Research Registry
  • Communications consultations
    • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, text blasts)
    • Digital communications (UAMS websites)
    • Free media (internal and external print, broadcast, news releases, story pitches)
    • Paid advertising – newspaper, broadcast, social media
  • Cohort identification
    • Arkansas Clinical Data Repository (AR-CDR)
    • TriNetX (coming soon)
    • SE SHRINE, a collaborative data sharing initiative linking UAMS, Medical University of South Carolina, University of Alabama, Birmingham, Emory University and University of Kentucky

To bolster participant recruitment efforts, TRI has helped establish key community and stakeholder partnerships and initiatives. These internal and external groups include:


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Research Participant Recruitment
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