Translational Workforce Development

NEW FUNDED OPPORTUNITY- UAMS Research Academy and the Mentored Grant Writing Program (see below)

The overall mission of the Translational Workforce Development function is to develop new knowledge and novel approaches that will measurably address the complex health challenges of rural and underrepresented populations. Achieving this goal requires a highly knowledgeable and motivated workforce that embraces diversity and is armed with the knowledge, skill sets, experiences, and perspectives to remove barriers to better health.

Through our Translational Workforce Development Program, Train-To-Translate (T2T), TRI works to establish new and expand existing interdisciplinary and career-spanning training opportunities in translational research. Our goal is to attract outstanding students and faculty members to clinical and translational research careers and provide them the guidance and tools required to be successful, independent investigators.

Our T2T workforce includes faculty and staff at all career stages whose research spans the T1-T4 spectrum and who partner with local communities, entrepreneurs, and government agencies. Our broad training platform includes experiential, online, mentored, and personalized learning opportunities.

NEW FUNDED OPPORTUNITY- UAMS Research Academy and the Mentored Grant Writing Program

The Academy is a dual effort between the Division of Research and Innovation and TRI. Its mission is to build a sustainable research community and elevate research excellence at UAMS. Click here to learn more about the Academy and the Mentored Grant Writing Program.

You can learn more about the various training opportunities provided by TRI by visiting our main Training Opportunities page.


Program Leadership

Nancy Rusch
Nancy Rusch, PhD
TL1, Workforce Development
Chair, Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology