Educational Opportunities

Name  Degree  Position  College  Department  Year  Title  
Bornhorst, JoshuaPhDAssistant ProfessorMedicinePathology2009Development of High Throughput Assay for HNSCC Marker
Cannon, MartinPhDProfessorMedicineMicrobiology & Immunology2009Dendritic Cell Vaccination and Immune Regulation in Ovarian Cancer
Deutz, NicolaasMD, PhDProfessorMedicineGeriatrics2009Innovative Methods to Measure Intestinal Macronutrient Digestion, Absorption, and Function
Forrest, JamesPhDAssistant ProfessorMedicineMicrobiology & Immunology2009Gammaherpesvirus Related Alterations in Cellular Signaling Responses to Chemotherapy
Govindan, RathinaswamyPhDAssistant ProfessorMedicineOb/Gyn2009Physiological Markers of Fetal Hypoxia from Magnetocardiogram
Herzog, ChristianPhDAssistant ProfessorMedicineInternal Medicine, Nephrology2009Nidogen-1 as a Biomarker in Early Detection of Acute Kidney Injury
Karbassi, BehjatolahPhDAssistant ProfessorMedicinePathology2009Metabolic Impact on Health Disparities in Breast Cancer
Khan, NasimMDAssistant ProfessorMedicineInternal Medicine, Rheumatology2009Carbamylated LDL as a Risk Factor for Increased CV Diseases in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Makhoul, IssamMDAssociate ProfessorMedicineInternal Medicine, Hematology/Oncology2009Predictors of Pathologic Complete Response to Chemo and Antiangiotherapy in Breast Cancer
Malik, Ahmad BilalMDAssistant ProfessorMedicineInternal Medicine, Nephrology2009Novel Therapy to Slow Progression of Diabetic Nephropathy Using Deferiprone
McNiece-Redwine, KarenMD, MPHAssistant ProfessorMedicinePediatrics2009Cardiovascular Risk Factor Surveillance Systems in Arkansas Youth
McSweeney, JeanPhD, RNProfessorNursingAdministration2009Clinical Indicators to Inform Clinicians’ Referral Decisions for Cardiovascular Evaluation in Women
Robbins, JamesPhDProfessorMedicinePediatrics2009Comparative Effectiveness of Medical Versus Surgical Management of Patent Ductus Arteriosus
Swaminathan, SundararamanMDAssistant ProfessorMedicineInternal Medicine, Nephrology2009Role of CD163+/CXCR4+ Cells Expressing Bone Matrix Proteins in Vascular Calcification of Chronic Kidney Disease
Yao-Borengasser, AiweiPhDAssistant ProfessorMedicineInternal Medicine, Endocrinology2009Role of Adipose Tissue and Angiogenesis in Breast Cancer
Aitken, MaryMD, MPHProfessorMedicinePediatrics2010Remember the Future: Improving Consideration of the Future Among Adolescent Smokers with Working Memory Training
Andres, AlinePhDAssistant ProfessorMedicinePediatrics2010Effects of Maternal Adiposity on Oocyte Gene Expression
Chambers, TimothyPhDProfessorMedicineBiochemistry & Molecular Biology2010Molecular Determinants of Combinatorial Cancer Drug Sensitivity
James, LauraMDProfessorMedicinePediatrics2010K2 Use in Arkansas
Kurten, RichardPhDAssociate ProfessorMedicinePhysiology & Biophysics2010Mechanisms of Clinical Relevance for Controlling Smooth Muscle Function in Human Airways
Malik, SadiaMD, MPHAssociate ProfessorMedicinePediatrics2010Pharmacogenetics of Mycophenolic Acid in Pediatric Heart Transplant Recipients
Mock, DonaldMD, PhDProfessorMedicineBiochemistry & Molecular Biology2010Biotin Deficiency and Birth Defects: Does Smoking Cause Biotin Deficiency?
Shukla, AshutoshMDAssistant ProfessorMedicineInternal Medicine, Nephrology2010A Pilot Study to Examine the Effect of Chloroquine on Surrogate Markers for Atherosclerosis
Stewart, Mary KathrynMD, MPHAssistant ProfessorPublic HealthHealth Policy and Management2010Individual Social Networks, Service Networks, and Long Term Care: A Community Engaged Research Pilot
Armstrong, CherylMDProfessorMedicineDermatology2011Omnibalm as Wound Therapy for Lower Extremity Ulcers in Diabetics
Coker, RobertPhDAssociate ProfessorMedicineGeriatrics2011Lysine Supplementation and Glucose Metabolism
Compadre, CesarPhDProfessorPharmacyPharmaceutical Sciences2011Tocoflexols, a New Class of Radiation Protection Agents with Enhanced Bioavailability
Felix, HollyPhD, MPAAssistant ProfessorPublic HealthHealth Policy and Management2011Identifying Root Causes for 30-Day Hospital Readmission
Mennemeier, MarkPhDProfessorMedicineNeurobiology & Developmental Sciences2011Translating Magnetic Brain Stimulation to Tinnitus Treatment
Miller, GroverPhDAssociate ProfessorMedicineBiochemistry & Molecular Biology2011Improving Anticoagulant Therapy Through Warfarin Metabolite Profiling
Perry, TamaraMDAssistant ProfessorMedicinePediatrics2011A Pilot and Feasibility Study of Mobile-Based Asthma Action Plans
Shafirstein, GalDScAssociate ProfessorMedicineOtolaryngology2011Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) with Temoporfin for Non-Resectable Non-Small Cells Lung Cancers
Simmen, FrankPhDProfessorMedicinePhysiology & Biophysics2011Short-Term Metformin Treatment to Inhibit Colorectal Tumor Cell Proliferation, Enhance Tumor Cell Apoptosis, and Modulate Expression of Oncogenic-miR- and Anti-oncogenic-miR-mediated Pathways
Zharov, VladimirPhDProfessorMedicineOtolaryngology2011Clinical Prototype for in vivo Detection of Circulating Tumor Cells