Laura James
Laura James, MD
Professor of Pediatrics; Associate Vice Chancellor for Clinical and Translational Research; Director, Translational Research Institute
Amy Jo Jenkins
Amy Jo Jenkins, MS, CCRP, CCRC, CCRA
TRI Executive Director
david avery
David Avery, BS, CCRP
Senior Director of Clinical Research Operations
Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey, BS, CCRP
Research Program Manager, Regulatory Support
Jamie Baldner
Jamie Baldner, BS, CCDM
Research Information Director
Beatrice Boateng, PhD
Director, Evaluation
Teresa Broady
Pam Christie
Pam Christie
Sr. Project Manager- Recruitment and Stakeholder Engagement
Danielle Evans, MHA, CRS
Research Program Manager, Regulatory Specialist
lasha fite
Lashà Fite, BS, CRS, CCRP
Clinical Research Finance Administrator
Diana Gregory
Diana Gregory
Rachel Hale
Rachel Hale, MA
Program Manager, Community Engagement
Sandra Hatley
Sandra Hatley, MHA
Program Manager- ARresearch, Other Programs/Special Events
Mtonya Hunter-Lewis
Associate Director, Regulatory Support
Nia Indelicato
Nia Indelicato, MNO, CRS
Senior Project Manager, Kl2s, Pilots, and Profiles
Donna Mattingly
Donna Mattingly
Executive Assistant III
Kennetha Newman
Kennetha Newman
Anja Rassman
Anja Rassman BSN, RN
Lisa Richardson, RN
David Robinson
Communications Manager
Gail Runnells
Sharon Sandria
Sharon Sandria, BA, CCRP
Research Program Manager- Budgets
Ashley Sides, CRS, CCRP
Research Coordinator
vernon sincere jr
Vernon Sincere, Jr.
Regulatory Specialist
monica smith
Monica Smith, BA, CRS
Regulatory Specialist
Nicola (Nicki) Spencer,
Nicola (Nicki) Spencer, MHA
Program Manager, Community Engagement
Cynthia Spinks
Associate Director, Budgets/Coverage Review
Ty Stacey
Ty Stacey, BA, CRS, CCRP
Research Program Manager- Budgets
Tracy Thurman
Research Program Manager- Budgets/Coverage Review
Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson, CRA
Director, Finance and Human Resources
Cynthia Witkowski
Cynthia Witkowski
Laura Wilson
Jonathan Young, MA
Director, Research Administration