Program Leadership

UAMS’ KL2 Program is led by Co-Directors Mary Aitken, M.D., M.P.H., professor of pediatrics and division chief at the Center for Applied Research and Evaluation, College of Medicine, and Pedro L. Delgado, M.D., chair of the Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine, and director of the UAMS Psychiatric Research Institute. With a combined 45 years of experience in clinical and translational research, Aitken and Delgado bring complementary strengths to the KL2 Program to ensure its continued success.

Nia Indelicato
Nia Indelicato, MNO, CRS
Senior Project Manager, Kl2s, Pilots, and Profiles
Mary Aitken, MD, MPH
Co-Director, KL2 Scholar Program
Pedro Delgado
Pedro Delgado, MD
Co-Director, KL2 Scholar Program

While Aitken is well established at UAMS with clinical practice and research at Arkansas Children’s and its Research Institute and has been involved with TRI since its inception, Delgado brings experience as director of the KL2 Program at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Aitken is also well connected with researchers at UAMS-NW because of her interest in community-engaged research. Delgado has a clinical and administrative practice in the Department of Psychiatry and the Psychiatric Research Institute at UAMS, and he is familiar with the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System (CAVHS) research culture because he previously worked in several VA facilities and held VA grants; in addition, many of his faculty have CAVHS appointments. He also directs the Psychiatry Service Line of the Integrated Clinical Enterprise.

Nia Indelicato, M.N.O., senior project manager for the Translational Research Institute, manages the day-to-day administrative duties of the KL2 program including organizing events and activities, assisting scholars with their needs, and tracking scholar and program metrics.