Equipment Library

TRI’s Community Engagement team has a variety of research equipment available for short-term use. The typical loan period is 14 consecutive days but other arrangements are possible. Borrowers or their department are responsible for replacement of missing or damaged equipment. Request for consultations and technical assistance should be made through the TRI Portal. This equipment is intended to facilitate research in the field and includes items such as the following:


  • 51 iPads
  • Nine Dell Latitude ST tablets
  • Five Dell Latitude laptops
  • Four Microsoft Surface tablets
  • Portable public address (PA) system
  • DVD burner and duplicator
  • LCD projector and screen
  • 22-inch TV/DVD combo

Other Equipment

  • Folding tables with wheels
  • Tri-fold display boards
  • Bulletin boards
  • Pop-up tents
  • Room partitions
  • High-pressure misting fans