Community Review Boards

A Community Review Board is a onetime guidance session for health researchers interested in working in a community setting. A TRI CE team member recruits community members to serve as experts who will provide feedback on various aspects of a proposed or on‐going research project, including the design, intervention, communication materials, participant recruitment strategies, sharing learning with the community, and applying research findings to practice.


Why are Community Review Boards important?

Community Review Boards help assure that research meets the needs of people who live in a particular community, or are impacted by a specific health issue. Community Experts are one of the most important tools available to directly guide a research project that will impact the community. Through the Community Review Board, the Community Experts:

  • Provide the research team with a deeper understanding of a community and population’s unique circumstances.
  • Increase a researcher’s understanding of and sensitivity to the community.
  • Strengthen academic‐community partnerships so that over time, universities become more and more effective in the community setting.
  • Help assess the feasibility and appropriateness of the project for the community.
  • Enhance the community‐based research project by providing immediate feedback to the researchers.

Request for consultations and technical assistance should be made through the TRI Portal.