About Community Engagement

Journal-Spg-2012 Community EngagementTRI’s mission is built on engaging rural and underrepresented communities in Arkansas. Communities with lived experiences of the issues we seek to address play an important role in addressing disparities and overcoming research roadblocks. We partner with numerous types of community organizations and stakeholder groups to better meet the healthcare needs of those they represent.

TRI also recognizes the importance of community engagement training for researchers. Working with and in the community brings both challenges and benefits. Community engagement education, training, and support is an important component to any successful community research endeavor.
TRI’s Community Engagement program supports engagement of community stakeholders by providing infrastructural support for CE activities and by providing services to both communities and researchers.

TRI’s CE team works closely with the Office of Community-Based Public Health at the Fay W. Boozman College of Public Health in Little Rock, AR, as well as the UAMS Office of Community Health and Research and Center for Pacific Islander Health, both located at the UAMS Northwest Campus in Fayetteville, AR.

TRIWe document many of our activities with photos.




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