October 23, 2019

The October TRIbune Is Here

In this month’s TRIbune newsletter, we feature the recent success of Pearl McElfish, Ph.D., MBA, in acquiring multiple national awards. McElfish and her

The TRIbune - October 2019

The TRIbune – October 2019

team are testing a promising intervention to address the diabetes crisis in the Marshallese community of northwest Arkansas. In recent months she has been awarded more than $10 million, which is in addition to the more than $20 million in federal funding that she was already overseeing as principal investigator. McElfish says a TRI pilot award and community engagement assistance were springboards for her success.

We also highlight the leadership of TRI Executive Director Amy Jo Jenkins, M.S., CCRP, CCRC, CCRA, in her work with the Society of Clinical Research Associates Inc. (SOCRA). This year, Jenkins took over the international organization as its president.

In addition, our Study of the Month features Benjamin Tharian, M.D., principal investigator, and we report what attendees had to say about the first UAMS Research Expo, which TRI co-sponsored with the UAMS Office of Research Compliance.

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