September 14, 2016

TRI Makes Community Engagement Resources Available to UAMS Investigators

hart_camille_tri_8-8-14-on-whiteResearchers who need participation from communities across the state can get the resources they need from the Translational Research Institute’s (TRI) Community Engagement component. TRI provides consultations and technical assistance, establishes one-time, study-specific Community Review Boards, and has an equipment library that includes electronics such as iPads, LCD projector and screen, and public address system; and other equipment, such as tents, misting fans, and folding tables with wheels. The community engagement team works closely with the Office of Community-Based Public Health at the UAMS Fay W. Boozman College of Public Health, as well as the UAMS Office of Community Health and Research and Center for Pacific Islander Health, both located at the UAMS Northwest Campus in Fayetteville.

Additional TRI Services

TRI offers a range of services to investigators at UAMS, Arkansas Children’s Research Institute and Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System, including advice and consultation, biomedical informatics, biostatistics, regulatory matters, and protocol development. Visit our website to learn more about our services: