September 29, 2016

Community Scientist Academy

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September 28, 2016

New TRI Profiles Newsletter Helps Researchers Plug-In!

This month, the UAMS Translational Research Institute (TRI) introduces Profiles Plug-In, a newsletter that will be researchers’ monthly guide to all things Profiles. Each issue will cover a variety of topics, including user tricks and tips, updates and upcoming changes, successes, etc. We hope you find the newsletter useful and continue to read the Plug-In each month. View Newsletter Go to Profiles

The September TRIbune Newsletter is Here!

TRI’s September newsletter, The TRIbune, features a new initiative to help UAMS graduate students learn how to become entrepreneurs. Led by Nancy Rusch, Ph.D., and Nancy Gray, Ph.D., TRI co-sponsored the recent Health Sciences Entrepreneurship Boot Camp for graduate students. It was a hit! Special thanks to Phil Mayeux, Ph.D., whose T32 grant created an opportunity for…

September 16, 2016

TRI-Supported Faculty Recognized for Diversity Efforts


Strengthening diversity and inclusion in education, research and patient care is a top priority for the Translational Research Institute (TRI), and we are very proud to have TRI faculty recognized for their work in this area. Kate Stewart, M.D., M.P.H., won the 2016 Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Award (faculty), and Beatrice Boateng, Ph.D., was…

September 15, 2016

Boot Camp Stirs Students’ Commercial Aspirations

The Health Sciences Entrepreneurship Boot Camp students and some of its presenters included: front row (l- r) Catheryn Wilson, Erin Bush, Amanda Stolarz, Samantha McClenahan, Xingui Liu, Dolapo Adejumobi, Carol Reeves, Ph.D., Walter Harrington, Nancy Gray, Ph.D., and Michael Owens, Ph.D. Back row: Brittney Garner, Clark Sims, Chuck Hay, Ithay Biton, Stephen Shrum, Jeffery Moran, Ph.D., Kai Carey, Lauren Russell, and Nancy Rusch, Ph.D.

Sometimes the stars align and an experiment yields a “Eureka!” moment. That’s on par with what happened recently at UAMS’ Biomedical Research Center. Led by Nancy Rusch, Ph.D., and Nancy Gray, Ph.D., the “experiment” was UAMS’ first Health Sciences Entrepreneurship Boot Camp for 16 graduate students. Rusch leads the UAMS Translational Research Institute’s workforce development…

September 14, 2016

TRI Makes Community Engagement Resources Available to UAMS Investigators

Camile Hart

Researchers who need participation from communities across the state can get the resources they need from the Translational Research Institute’s (TRI) Community Engagement component. TRI provides consultations and technical assistance, establishes one-time, study-specific Community Review Boards, and has an equipment library that includes electronics such as iPads, LCD projector and screen, and public address system;…