November 13, 2015

Request a Mock Study Section by Dec. 4 for February Proposals

TRI is pleased to be able to offer Mock Study Sections for any researcher seeking review of an external grant application. Reviews are available for laboratory, animal and human

TRI Mock Study Section

TRI Mock Study Section

participant study proposals. New submissions and resubmissions will be considered. Interested researchers can request a Mock Study Section through the TRI Portal ( and should submit draft copies of their proposal, budget, and biosketch, as well as comments from a previous submission (if applicable).  The request deadline for review of February proposals is Dec. 4, 2015.

Mock Study Sections are intended to be learning experiences and investigators should plan to be present. Collaborators are also encouraged to attend. Participating investigators will be expected to provide TRI with follow-up information on grant submission outcomes, scores and funding awards.