January 22, 2015

Patricia Brady Honored for Work with Research Participants

Jan. 22, 2015 | Patricia Brady, R.N., B.S.N., C.C.R.P., recently received the 2014 Bonny Hope Wallace Award for her outstanding work with research participants at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

The award was presented at a Jan. 16 ceremony by the UAMS Translational Research Institute’s Amy Jo Jenkins, M.S., C.C.R.P., C.C.R.C., C.C.R.A., a past recipient of the award.

Brady, who is also certified by the international Society of Clinical Research Associates, has worked in the Pediatric Clinical Research Unit for 10 years. She was chosen for the award by members of the Certified Research Specialist Program. Recipients must demonstrate dedication to the research participant; respect for the participant’s sacrifice; devotion to research integrity; commitment to mentoring; and enthusiasm for learning.

“Those who nominated Patricia shared that she ‘… consistently demonstrates through her day-to-day activities her awareness of and respect for the choice the subjects make by participating in research,’” Jenkins said. ‘“She is a passionate advocate for her subjects. Her commitment to research integrity is apparent in her communication with everyone involved in the research process, and she is a frequently-suggested resource when I am directing someone where to go for support. Her cheerful attitude and dedication to her career are worthy of admiration and recognition; we are all the richer for it.’”

The late Bonny Hope Wallace was an instructor in surgery and laboratory director for surgical research at the Department of Surgery at UAMS as well as clinical coordinator of research at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Burn Unit. She was instrumental in pioneering ACH’s Burn Unit. Her efforts were focused on cutting-edge research to promote women’s health. Her accomplishments were many and her awards of recognition are numerous. Wallace was central to the day-to-day research activities of the UAMS Department of Surgery for over 30 years. She is remembered for her respectful treatment of research participants and her commitment to research integrity.

Brady’s work with research participants at ACH is shared by a group of 10 in the Arkansas Children’s Research Institute (ACRI) coordinator pool.

“I work with so many great people who easily deserve this award,” Brady said. “We have a great team, and we work together to make it happen.”

Other nominees for 2014 were David Avery, Lyndsey Avery, Susan Panozzo and Nathan Petty.

“It was a very close race,” Jenkins said. “Each nominee demonstrates dedication and respect for the work they do, and UAMS is greatly appreciative.”