August 20, 2014

Alison Oliveto, Ph.D., Named Director of Translational Research Services Center

Alison Oliveto, Ph.D., was recently named director of TRI’s Translational Research Services Center (TRSC).

Oliveto is a tenured professor in the Center for Addiction Research and vice chair for Research in the Department of Psychiatry where she has been faculty since 2004. Besides having a long history of NIH funding, service on NIH study sections, and service on UAMS research-related committees, she has had several administrative leadership roles during her tenure at Yale University as well as at UAMS to facilitate the research enterprise. Oliveto is a strong advocate for investigators and has a contagious enthusiasm for facilitating translational research at UAMS.

Jean McSweeney, Ph.D., will remain as the co-director of TRSC. Tom Wells, M.D., will remain in the TRSC with his primary responsibilities being 1) oversight budget development and 2) Medical Director of the Clinical Research Services Core (CRSC). Paula Roberson, Ph.D., will continue to provide oversight of the biostatistics services within the TRSC.