July 1, 2014

Need Research Services? Email TRIservices@uams.edu

To help TRI better manage research-related requests and inquiries, the new Translational Research Services Center has its own email address: TRIservices@uams.edu. Overseen by Amy Jo Jenkins, M.S., C.C.R.P., C.C.R.C., C.C.R.A., this email portal will help TRI streamline some of the workflow and ensure that researchers get the help they need when they need it.

As of July 1, the Research Support Center (RSC) was officially integrated into TRI as the Translational Research Services Center, which includes all of the services of the RSC as well as other TRI services (Biostats, Health Data Unit, Clinical Research Services Core, etc.)

For general TRI inquiries not related to resources or services, please continue to use the main TRI email address: TRI@uams.edu.