January 24, 2014

2014 Translational Science Awards: Call for Nominations

From the Association for Clinical and Translational Science (ACTS): Do you know a member of the translational science community who has gone above and beyond in their contributions to the field over the last year? If you answered yes, then make a nomination for one of the following awards!

ACTS Distinguished Investigator Awards

The ACTS Distinguished Investigator Awards recognize senior investigators whose innovative research or education leadership has had a major impact on clinical and translational science. The three Distinguished Investigator Awards include:

Translation from bench research to patient application – the Edward H. Ahrens, Jr. Award for Patient-Oriented Research
Translation from early clinical use to applicability for widespread clinical practice
Translation from clinical use into public benefit and policy
ACTS Distinguished Educator Award

This award recognizes a clinical investigator who has distinguished himself or herself as a mentor and leader. Recipients of this award are innovators of clinical research training programs, and successful mentors who have documented national leadership in clinical research education programs, issues and funding.

AFMR Outstanding Investigator Award

The American Federation for Medical Research (AFMR) Outstanding Investigator Award is presented annually to an investigator age 45 or younger in recognition of excellence in biomedical research. Recipients of this award have provided innovative insight and had significant impact on a major scientific or clinical problem and demonstrated intellectual and scientific independence.

2014 ACTS Distinguished Investigator, ACTS Distinguished Educator, and AFMR Outstanding Investigator Awards Nomination Form

Team Science Award

This award was established to acknowledge and catalyze the growing importance of interdisciplinary teams to the translation of research discoveries into clinical applications and eventually widespread clinical practice. Proactive interaction between academic and industry researchers is particularly crucial to continue progress and accelerate drug development. Recipients have demonstrated their support of a team science environment by creating mechanisms to enhance the required infrastructure, such as through pilot funding, technology transfer offices, shared resources, etc., and by presenting awards, honors, appointments, and promotions to those who participate in interdisciplinary teams.

2014 Team Science Award Nomination Form

All awards will be announced at Translational Science 2014, April 9-11, 2014 in Washington, DC.

Translational Science 2014 Trainee Travel Awards

ACTS members are invited to nominate one trainee for The Burroughs-Wellcome Fund Trainee Travel Award to attend the Translational Science 2014 meeting. This includes complimentary registration to the meeting, and up to $600 of travel costs.

Trainees will benefit from special sessions designed with them in mind, including “Meetings with Program Officers,” poster sessions, and networking opportunities. Full program are available on the meeting program page details.

Nominations must be submitted by Feb. 7. Nominate one trainee.

Please include:

The nominee’s CV
The name, degree(s), and training status of the nominee (e.g., enrolled in clinical research Master’s or K30 program, K12, K23, R25 or other career development award)
A paragraph or two (no more than one page) about the current status and career development plans of the nominee
A statement of commitment to cover any remaining travel expenses for their trainee.